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Bigfoot and Mothman Party at Spring break

Daytona Beach, FL - Bigfoot and Mothman went to spring break after a couple of long years delayed by the pandemic.

The Machination Times noticed on Bigfoot’s Twitter feed that he and Mothman are in Daytona Beach for Spring break and were able to find them there.

We grabbed their attention for a few moments.

“Guys, I tell you this trip was much needed,” said Bigfoot. “The pandemic squashed our plans the last two years. Not to mention all of the drama of the media trying to catch me in precarious situations. Coming down here for Spring break is always a great time to unwind; but let’s not forget one thing: the ladies. Am I right or am I right?”

Mothman was also available for a quick interview.

“I’m glad to get out here and spread my wings. Plus there’s a game we typically play where I use them to create a strong wind. The guys will race each other against the draft in friendly competition. I’m pretty sure they are just showing off for the ladies though. Anyway, it’s always good to get away with Biggie for some fun on the beach.”

Later in the day, we noticed a larger than normal crowd gathered around a certain part of the beach, only to find Bigfoot and Mothman doing a keg stand competition.

We spoke to a Spring breaker by the name of Stacy.

“This is my first year down here! I was so shocked and elated when I saw Bigfoot and Mothman. My friends told me it was a possibility they would show up but this is amazing! They are such party animals!”

It is noteworthy to say that Bigfoot and Mothman were gentlemen the entire time.

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