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Bigfoot Says Social Media is Tiresome, Drawing the Line with TikTok

The advent of social media, while bringing access to others across the world, has its woes. The internet brings opportunity for new businesses, entrepreneurial drive, breaking information and many other freedoms, as well as social media. However, Bigfoot says TikTok is a bridge too far.

We were able to catch up to the beast recently while he was on a hike.

"Facebook began all of this. While, in the beginning, it was innocent. Then, Instagram came along with Twitter. But this has gotten out of hand. TikTok is what has pushed social media mayhem over the top."

We asked Bigfoot what he believes the issue with TikTok is.

"Well, first of all it is owned by the Chinese government - an entity that is hostile to the United States. They stand against freedom. You know how I enjoy freedom in the woods, nature and making surprise appearances to keep your publication going along smoothly."

Bigfoot went on to explain that he believes TikTok is a psyop orchestrated by and ran by the Chinese government.

"I was reading an article the other day in the New York Post. It explained, and it makes perfect sense, that TikTok is leading young teenagers to mental disorders. The Chinese created this app and pushed it to the world in a direct attack against the United States. They are attempting to weaken the next generation so the takeover can be completed."

"You see, the Chinese always play the long game. TikTok is basically the COVID-19 pandemic for cell phone applications. It's just raw."

Bigfoot states that he currently has only Facebook and Instagram because he is a purist when it comes to social media.

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