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Bigfoot Targeted in Crypto Bot Attack; Loses Thousands

Over the last ten years, the creation of Bitcoin has led to different cryptocurrencies and many large financial gains. Along with new financial systems comes the opportunity for fraudsters to catch a winning or two as well.

Recently, The Machination Times learned that Bigfoot was a victim of cryptocurrency theft. We were able to catch up with him leaving a crypto coin convention in Miami this past week to ask him about the incident.

“When the crypto craze began, I was already in the pool. I bought in when Bitcoin was around $2.76 a coin. I bought hundreds of them. In reality I only spent a few thousand as an investment and I am still way ahead, but I lost tens of thousands of dollars when I was tricked on a robo call. Somehow this silver-tongued rascal convinced me that he was from Coinbase and I needed to hand over my information. He’s good at it, I’ll tell you that much.”

When asked if Bigfoot knows anyone else who got scammed, he said yes.

“After the call occurred and I realized it was a scam I called Mothman and told him. You know what he did? He laughed at me and asked how I could be so gullible. I didn’t care too much. I’m still way in the black and it was a good learning experience; it could have been much worse.”

As the popularity of cryptocurrency grow under economic woes, these types of attacks will become more common and likely more sophisticated. These attacks only take seconds for a thief to profit.

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