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Bombshell: Fake Survivalist Ran Fake Prepper University for Years

Ashland, ME - The ability to get information on how to prep for survival is easy in the internet age. However, it is one thing to get information, buy food and gear, but how does someone get practical information and learn how to put it all together. What happens when you find out it was all a scam?

For the last 24 years, Howard Jefferson has owned and operated Prep Today, Live Tomorrow University. He has passed through tens of thousands of students, collecting millions of dollars in tuition fees, swag purchases, and charging for living expenses.

The Machination Times received a tip from someone who attended the university saying it is a money-making grifting project.

“I got there and was not sure if I was in the right place. There were no cabins, tents, lean-to shelters – just large, marbled brick buildings. I really expected it to be more rugged and look like a post-apocalyptic society. The paperwork I filled out told me to expect just that, but there were classrooms with climate control and was extremely comfortable. The cafeteria had a full spread each meal equipped with servers to refill your drinks. But, hey, that place was worth the money, so I stayed the entire course. It was comfy!”

We were able to get in contact with a former student who was not so happy about the amenities.

“I was screwed out of thousands of dollars. When I saw all the structures, I assumed the school was going to start off as society is fine then all of the sudden, we would be awakened or get notice that society collapsed and we would start the real learning, but it never happened. You know what I learned? Nothing. The ‘classes’ were episodes of a National Geographic show called Doomsday Castle, Wife Swap, and Intervention. I came here to learn more about the end of civilization and be more paranoid about it upon completion - such a rip off.”

We reached out to Jefferson for comment, but he only said, “You guys are fake news and full of nothing but conspiracy theories. And I don’t care if they end up being true” before hanging up.

We were unable to find any record or witness of Jefferson being a survivalist.

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