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Chinese Spy Balloon Held Biden Documents; Destroyed by F-22 Fighter Jet.

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Beijing, China - It was revealed last week that a Chinese Spy Balloon, originally declared to be a weather balloon, was making its way across the United States. The aircraft originally entered through Alaskan air space then was directed to enter the continental United States over Montana. The mainstream news narrative is that the balloon is for surveillance purposes. While this may be true, we have received insider information that says there is a secondary reason: more classified Biden documents were aboard for delivery.

As you know, The Machination Times reports only the facts – we abhor partisan politics, as shown with both political parties being pulled into the entire document scandal.

An insider with the Chinese government wanted it to be known that the balloon scandal is not what we are being told.

“Yes, we were trying to spy. There is no doubt about that, can’t deny it. However, of course we know about the document scandal that first plagued your former President Trump and now encompasses current President Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence. The balloon was headed to Washington D.C. We entered through Alaska, then Montana, set forth through fly-over country because the population is fewer and less chance of being noticed. But as always, these stupid cell phones, made with high quality in China of course, captured us and we were ratted out on the internet.”

When asked what was on the documents, the insider said,” These are Biden’s journal entries from when he hiked around the foothills of the Himalayans with President Xi Jinping, how he defeated Cornpop in a game of jacks (who was really a 'bad dude' like Biden said), detention release papers from when he said he was arrested in South Africa and his law school transcripts. He wanted them dropped off at his home in Delaware to place in the garage next to his Corvette.”

Our insider said the Chinese government is pretty upset that they took the time to deliver the items in an eco-friendly manner, but the United States government played games then “smoke checked” their balloon like it was “Tiananmen Square all over again.”


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