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Comedy Club Opened to Cause Misery

Iowa City, IA - In an explosive revelation, The Machination Times has revealed a comedy club was created to cause sadness and gloom.

In 2016, Gray Skies Comedy Club opened up. The name was a front to trick locals into attending after marketing the title as ironic. The owner, Jay Stevens, a known political junkie, decided that too many people in town were happy with life, family and recreational activities. Stevens himself is known to get on social media and pick fights with strangers. We were able to obtain an interview with him in between posting discouraging, anger invoking political rants.

“I don’t understand what people are happy about. There is less to life than what all these happy people think. They need to evolve with the time. We are now in the digital era. Going outside, spending time with family without a device in your hand and being physically active is obsolete. There is nothing left to leave the home for, but I thought I would exploit all these happy people for a dime or two.”

Janice Aldridge, a local, frequently attends the comedy club on a regular basis.

“I talked to my grandkids about going but was skeptical at first, the name confused me. My oldest grandchild showed me on his phone that I should go for a laugh. I went a few days later with my husband. I didn’t laugh or find it really entertaining, but I went back the next week. It is strangely addicting, even though I am miserable each time I leave.”

From what we can tell, Steven's business model mimics both the news media and social media which is this: People are addicted to being miserable in the digital age, make money from it.

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