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Conspiracy Actors Seek To Form Union

There are many different unions in the United States: government employees, Hollywood actors, professional sports, teachers, electricians, etc. However, there may be a new union created soon.

The Machination Times recently learned there is a group of conspiracy theory actors who are tired of being used by the government when it is convenient for only Uncle Sam, making paydays scarce for the talent.

To get paid more consistently, these actors look unionize and show the government there needs to be more consistent conspiracy theories or their services will no longer be available.

The Machination Times was able to catch up with actor and organizer Sheila Bronson. We asked if she believes their positioning will be effective.

“Absolutely. The government needs conspiracy theories. The news needs them as well. And both feed off each other. Our services are needed for them to thrive. Think about it, politicians need a platform and votes, and the media needs to be there to pump the information politico’s need. They need us to accomplish this.”

Sheila told us why the group believes they are being taken advantage of.

“The people in charge of the State Department News Office contact us for work, but their terms are often unreasonable. The aides demand that we must be on set within two days, only pay half of the airfare, 25% of the hotel and $25 per diem. Meanwhile, they give other countries that hate us monetary aide. The working conditions are terrible; days are at least 14 hours with minimum short breaks. They are using us for their own political gain.”

Sheila told us they are in talks with a collective bargaining attorney and plan to officially unionize by the start of the spring.

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