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Derek Chauvin Stabbed After Yelling "Go Big Blue."

Tucson, AZ – Former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin who was found responsible for the death of known drug user George Floyd in the spring of 2020 has been stabbed at the prison he was relocated to for his safety while watching the Michigan Wolverine - Ohio State game.

Chauvin was relocated to Federal Correction Institution Tucson last year, where he was primarily placed into isolation; however, there are times when he is allowed to sit in the common area with the other inmates should he chose.

An insider told this publication that since day one, Chauvin has been a very outspoken Michigan Wolverine fan. He even went so far as ripping off his jumpsuit sleeves to show the maize colored “M” tattooed on his right arm that said underneath it “come get you some.”

We were told by an inmate who wished to maintain his anonymous status for fear of retaliation that Chauvin was cheering for the Michigan Wolverines during the annual rivalry game between Michigan and Ohio State.

“Man, you should have seen that fool. He was walking around with his tattoo for everyone to see, flexing his skinny arm in peoples faces. He was told to stop many times by this one guy who is a huge Ohio State fan.”

The man finally snapped when Chauvin said,” What ya gonna do when Big Blue takes a poo on you” in the tune of the COPS theme song “Bad Boys, Bad Boys.”

The inmate reportedly brought out a cell made shank and began plunging it into Chauvin’s stomach repeatedly, telling him “Nah, man! You get some!”

According to one of the prison guards, Chauvin wasn’t talking about the police pooing on anyone, but the Michigan football team beating opposing fans’ teams.

Officials from the prison said that Chauvin is expected to survive the attack.

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