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Donald Trump Runs Out of Insults.

Bedminster, NJ - The former president of the United States, President Donald Trump, known for his fiery tactics and insult hurling ways has ran out of words to taunt.

Since 2015, those who are familiar with politicians and the political landscape have seen former reality television star and real estate mogul Donald Trump use insults to catch media attention to bolster his political aspirations, which led him to the White House in 2017.

Trump campaign Biden president

Now, working to gain a second term, after losing to current President Joe Biden, in 2021, Trump has hit the campaign trail again but he’s having some unexpected trouble.

Recently, during an interview, Trump couldn’t seem to find the words to say when asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity about Biden’s job on the economy.

“You know, Sean. The economy is in shambles. I had it perfect and humming right along; the best economy ever in history. Brought by only the best president, but there’s something wrong with Biden. I’m trying to find the words to call him but I can’t find any. I want to call him some names. It’s normally just natural but I’m at a blank. I don’t know what to say now, they’ve all gotten old and played out. You know me. I usually got the best insults and comebacks. I’m the best insulter. There’s never been a better one than me. I’m THE Big League attacker.”

We were able to speak to Trump about his interview.

Trump Biden campaign president

“Look, guys. I don’t know what happened. Frankly, it’s made me a bit worried. I am kind of worried. Not a lot but a bit. In fact, I’m more worried about running out of insults than the faker than fake indictments that were launched on me by Jack Smith; he's a mean man by the way. See what I mean? That was a boring insult. But always remember I'm the best president you be ever had.”

Only time will tell if Trump will be able to regain the White House without having any insults to fling.

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