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Doritos Cuts Five Chips Per Bag; But Why?

Casa Grande, AZ - The current days have brought forth inflation. While there are people from one side of the political aisle blaming the other, the American consumer is feeling the pain. Food maker Frito Lay is also squeezing down due to rising prices; or so they say.

The Machination Times learned that there are five less Doritos in each bag. The company says that this allows Frito Lay to keep prices per bag from rising but at what cost?

We were able to get an interview with an anonymous employee who works in the mega chip making factory.

“The reduction of chips per bag is about one thing. The theory is that if chips are tightly regulated there will be more government control of individuals. People like to have chips with their sandwich. The crunch, flavor and additives are purposefully addicting. Now, we are weening people back off the amount of chips per sandwich which will lead to people lining up like lambs to slaughter for more bags. It’s brilliant when you think about it from a globalized, one-world government way of thinking.”

We spoke with one of the upper echelon managers.

“That is ridiculous. How would a chip company be able to control large groups of people like that? I mean, our chips are delicious and quite addictive. I get it, but we believe in individuals. That’s why we make multiple chips for a bag.”

When pressed on the symbolism of having multiple chips in a bag with the bag representing the world and chips being people, the phone was hung up without warning.

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