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Elon Musk Collabs with Illuminati for Twitter

Last week Tesla founder Elon Musk bought 9.7% of Twitter shares for 2.89 billion dollars making him the largest shareholder. Now, there are talks of him planning a takeover of the company. While some are calling this “hostile” there are other behind the scenes actors that should concern you.

The Illuminati often known for their dark, underhanded manipulations in America, election rigging, stock market control and sports betting spread tricks have now bullied their way into Twitter using Elon Musk as their poster child.

An inside source of ours planted into the Illuminati (that’s right we tricked the tricksters) recently told us that Musk is actually an agent of theirs, and no, he is not required to report 10-99 earnings; that keeps him off the books.

When we asked the source why the illuminati would like control of Twitter, one of the most toxic, waste ridden of all the social media sites, he said:

“This isn’t about money, information control, food control or any of the obvious wants of those who are in authority. The purchase of Twitter is about keeping real, truth filled conspiracies off the internet. As you know, all conspiracies originate on Twitter. It is the fakest news site of all the fakes! The Illuminati was cool before Q Anonymous and they are jealous. Q Anon has taken the internet and Twitter by storm since approximately 2016 and hasn’t looked back. The Illuminati is the original gangster, so to speak, when it comes to control and they refuse to let this happen anymore.”

We reached out to both Elon Musk and the Illuminati for comment but they have not returned our call as of the time of publication.

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