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Elon Musk Insults Disney Over Ad Pull On Platform X. But There Is A Problem.

New York City, NY - Tesla and X CEO Elon Musk railed against Disney and current CEO Bob Iger, who recently said that advertising on Musk’s X platform would be stopped. However, The Machination Times has learned that Musk may be regretting that decision.

“Go f—- yourself,” Musk said after being asked by Andrew Sorkin about the decision by Iger.

Now, Musk believes he made a mistake.

“Well, I think I made a mistake. I went to Disneyland this past weekend. I drove my Tesla XG, the sleekest OG ride in the Tesla series. I met this chick there that is fresh off a break up and we hit it off. She wanted to grab some food afterwards so we left in her Kia Sorento. I didn’t mind it was a Kia but it uses gas - gross. But sometimes guys aren't thinking clearly when it comes to women. Anyway, we ate and went back to her place. Let’s just say I spent a month in her apartment, if I spent a night. Ya feel me? Wink wink.”

Musk then let out a “WOOOO” that was very reminiscent of the days when the glorious Nature Boy Rick Flair was in the ring.

The problem, according to Musk, is that he left his Tesla XG in the parking lot of Disneyland and needs to get it.

“All because I followed my instincts for a ‘good time’ I have to do the walk of shame to get my car back. I need the ride but she said she had to get to work early. What's that about? Weird."

We spoke to Iger about Musk’s comments.

“Yeah, we aren’t going to advertise with X. And if Musk wants his car back, he will have to find our lost and found to get it back. And the employees are under strict orders to run and scream ‘stranger danger, stranger danger’ when Musk approaches them.”

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