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Exclusive Interview with Alien that Evaded The Las Vegas Police Department

Las Vegas, NV - On June 7th, a Las Vegas family captured on their home security camera what appeared to be an extraterrestrial lurking around their backyard. The Las Vegas Police Department was called to investigate what was seen on camera. The body-worn camera shows a responding officer stating that his partner advised him that he saw a green streak across the sky shortly before they were dispatched to the call.

The Machination Times has been able to obtain an exclusive interview with the creature.

Las Vegas Police Aliens

We spoke to Cynoid Hacan about his experience.

“So, me and my brother Jynoid were traveling through the area and decided to stop in “Sin City.” We recently became single for the summer, so we thought ‘What the heck, let’s live a little.” We didn’t want to cause a big stink by showing up – we always hate fanfare, especially from drunks.” That led us to land it in the field behind that yard.”

Our interviewer spoke to the homeowner about what he saw on the camera.

Las Vegas Police Aliens

“At first, I was terrified. It was like seeing something in the movie ‘Signs.’ You know, the one where Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t pissed off at Wendy Williams the entire time? The alien was walking around and he kept stooping and looking through the tall grass and bushes. You can hear him mumbling something about ‘Where are my stupid keys’ on the camera microphones but I’m not sure.”

We followed up with Cynoid to ask about the keys.

“Yeah, I was looking for my keys, which kept us from leaving sooner. But it is better that way. I was still hopped up on blow and the hookers. You earthlings are wild.”

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