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Government Insider: It’s Unfair Elon Musk Banned ElonJet on Twitter

Austin, TX- Recently, Elon Musk suspended a Twitter account that tracked his plane. The backlash, name calling and anger has been released in a flurry against the Twitter CEO. The government is not happy with Musk's decision.

Musk feared his safety, as well as his family’s when the now defunct Twitter site “@ElonJet” tracked and reported the famous Tesla owner movements.

Opponents of Musk state he doesn’t really believe in Free Speech. A government insider spoke to The Machination Times under the agreement he will remain anonymous.

“Our bureaucrats at the Department of National Intelligence and CIA are not very happy about the developments in this case. They state that Musk is hampering their information collection on the entrepreneur.“

He went on to say it wasn’t fair that Musk would cut them off.

“This just isn’t fair. How can we run our psyops if Musk doesn’t let us know where he is and where he’s going? We are the United States government and we should get what we want when we want. I know I’m acting like a big baby about this but it’s just not what we deserve.“

It has been reported from the DNI that they will look for alternatives but all they can find right now is former President Trump’s social media page “Truth Social" and it makes them grossed out to think they would get their tracking information from Trump.

“Ew, gross,” said our insider. “I don’t want to go on his icky page. It’s offensive and if I have to then I’ll quit and go to Starbucks to be a barista. I hear the benefits are pretty good if you work more than 30 hours a week.”

We could not reach Musk for comment. But we assume he’s somewhere high in the sky.

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