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Hawaii Flight Turbulence Is Not What It Looks Like

Honolulu, HI – A flight headed from Phoenix to Honolulu took a scary turn as passengers experienced more than normal turbulence. Approximately 35-40 people on board suffered injuries from cuts and scrapes to large contusions. Their experience was seemingly caused by turbulence. However, The Machination Times has found there is much more to this incident.

The first episode of the television show “Manifest” debuted in September of 2018. A show where a passenger jet was flying from one location to the other, disappearing in the flight path. Five years later, the jet landed. The passengers experienced some turbulence but had no idea what happened in time – while everyone who was not on the flight moved on with their lives.

From our investigation, the flight to Hawaii was an attempt at the United States Government to mimic what was done on the show Manifest. The covert bureaucrats are looking for a way to manipulate time the same way they are looking to control the weather. We were able to send a mole deep within the leviathan of the Department of Intelligence and found the weakest link to spill his guts on the project under the agreement of remaining unidentified.

“Look, as you know, the government is wrought with dirty corruption. It is worse than anyone can even comprehend. Why do you think when most people leave the hallways, they suicide themselves in the most awkward ways? Government wants to control all things – money, weather, people, food, time. You name it, they want it. The time travel project is called ‘Sky Time.’ They are using citizens as disposable assets because there are so many to lose during experimentation.”

There is credence with the information we obtained by our confidential source. The assets on board can go missing with no loss felt, besides family – which fits dark government perfectly.

We were able to speak with Julie Samson, a passenger from the flight, who was still shook up.

“It was weird. I went to the bathroom where germs are crawling everywhere anyway, and about the time I flushed, the plane dipped abruptly sending the toilet contents all over me. That enraged me, but then I learn that the ‘turbulence’ is potentially from a governmental experiment! Unbelievable!”

We were able to get in touch with the spokesperson for the Department of Intelligence. He denied any sort of experiments to manipulate time. However, he commented on the show Manifest and said he thought the Jared character was too full of himself and deserved a demotion.

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