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Hunter Biden Amasses Hookers In Kiev, Ukraine For Soldiers

Kiev, Ukraine - Hunter Biden has rounded up all his favorite ladies of the night to give some relief and relaxation to Ukrainian soldiers.

The Machination Times has learned that there are dozens of high end hookers en route to Kiev as a thank you from Hunter Biden to the Ukraine for his business dealings with Burisma which brought him approximately $84,000 a month.

An unnamed source provided us this information after he learned about it via John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman, who Hunter Biden abandoned his infamous laptop with.

“Hunter came in the other day,” said Isaac. “He told me that he lost his list of ladies, which he also calls his ‘Cooter Contacts’ and that he needed to round them up for the Ukrainian soldiers as they get short breaks from fighting.”

We were able to get in contact with Hunter, all though it wasn’t easy.

“Well, guys, since you worked this hard to get a statement, I’ll speak to you. Yeah, what Isaac said is true. I’m putting together a gaggle of girl gigolo’s as a thank you to the generous Ukrainians that paid me for my 'knowledge.' These guys are fighting for their freedom and what better way than this? I got only the best for them. The ones that left me higher than the crack I smoked with them.”

We asked Russian president Vladimir Putin about the arrangement.

"Hunter Biden was unjustly paid by Burisma as he knew nothing about natural gas. But when it comes to hookers, he wasn't called the Red Light Raider for no reason."


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