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Ice Cream Shortage Goes to The Top of Government

Rehoboth Beach, DE – The Covid-19 pandemic brought many challenges; however, we are entering post-pandemic issues never before seen. The world is dealing with shortages of certain commodities needed to create consumable goods, such as sugar. While there is a shortage in sugar that will likely hamper ice cream production, it is highly probable the recent lack of ice cream comes from much more than just little to no ingredients for creameries.

It is no secret that President Joe Biden enjoys frequenting ice cream shops, enjoying a refreshing cone of ice cream on a consistent basis. But his treat is in danger due to the shortage. Or is it?

The Machination Times received a tip from a Secret Service insider who stated the ice cream issues are not what they appear to be. According to him, Biden has ordered all ice cream that is made from this point forward to be intercepted leaving the production centers and redirected while enroute to stores to strategic locations where he often goes such has the White House, Camp David, and Rehoboth Beach in his home state of Delaware.

He agreed to speak under the terms on anonymity.

“Biden loves his ice cream, all kinds. All real ice cream must have sugar and when he found out about the shortage while an aide read the news to him, he freaked out. He immediately ordered the heads of the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and the Secret Service to start seizing all ice cream unless it is on a grocery store shelf or in an ice cream shop already. It has been a nightmare. Never mind the kids, I guess. As long as POTUS gets what he wants.”

We reached out to the White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre for comment, but she has not responded at the time of publication.

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