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Insider States Left and Right Twix Are About Politics, Not Marketing.

In 2012, Twix began a “left and right Twix” marketing campaign. Commercials were on television that showed a splitting of the Twix bars that showed them being made in two different factories, with only “left” Twix’s in one pack and the same with “right” Twix. However, some new information has arisen that says this is more than a marketing campaign.

A former insider contacted The Machination Times about left and right Twix. We were able to interview him, but only under anonymity.

“Twix wants you to think this is simply gimmicky marketing, fun time with a candy bar. It is much more than that; it is about divisive government politics. You think this is a coincidence? Look at it. The last ten or so years has brought forth a lot of left versus right in the political and cultural realm and this began in 2012. Now, politicians and the government has moved to the last thing that united us - candy. We are divided on many levels and our food is the last thing needed before the government fully takes over.”

We asked why the government would want to control candy bars.

“Why not? Have you ever eaten a Twix? They are the only candy with a cookie crunch. You take a bite through the caramel then bam, crunch and cookie breaking, it's magical. The three ingredients just melt and meld in your mouth. The government fat cats want control of Twix, since it unified the left and right, literally. Think about it: Twix was the embodiment of a unified left and right and the government hates when we are unified, they are less powerful. Now, they have more to throw their spin upon and get their voters spun up and divided.

Our source said Twix will deny it, but he knows the truth and felt compelled to speak out.

We reached out to Twix, but not have received a response at the time of publication.

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