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Joe Biden Sees Ice Cream. Wanders Off from Television Interview Abruptly.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A Washington, DC - President Joe Biden quickly and suddenly left a MSNBC news set while speaking with anchor Nicole Wallace this week for ice cream that was not seen on camera.

While taking an interview from the long time MSNBC host, Biden stopped mid sentence, slowly stood up and looked inquisitively over her shoulder as he saw what we later learned was a bowl of ice cream. After mumbling something, he walked off the set, leaving Wallace confused and dumbfounded.

Joe Biden Wanders Off

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Wallace said in an interview. “He mumbled something that sounded like ‘holy smokes there’s a bowl’ then began walking away like a robot.”

The president agreed to sit down and give us some words on the incident.

“Come on, man. It’s ice cream! You know how I like my frozen dairy products. Ice cream in a cone, ice cream on a stick, ice cream in a bowl, ice cream in a bath. Even Hunter likes vanilla ice cream like I do. He’s told me it’s his second white colored substance - second to high quality blow, of course. He buys that from Cornpop.”

We asked one of Biden’s handlers, under the agreement of anonymity, what he thinks is causing the president to walk off at inappropriate times, as this is not the first time.

Joe Biden Wanders off, sniffs

“I mean he’s old. There are times he gets confused easily. Toss in his favorite dessert, a kid, or a shiny red ball and the man gets a one track mind. You should see him in the evening. Don’t forget his chocolate syrup and sprinkles. It’s hell. And trust me, he knows when you try to slip sugar free items in. He knows. Always.”

According to insiders, all news outlets have been instructed to make sure no ice cream or kids are in view of the president at future interviews.

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