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Mothman Isn't Getting His Blueberries; And He's Not Happy

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, groceries have been scarce at times. And let's not forget when toilet paper was nowhere to be found. Now, there is a new problem and it is directly affecting Mothman.

The last couple of weeks has been tough for produce. In the Canadian Province of British Columbia, there are export issues due to the Canadian government being in a standoff with Canadian truckers who have traveled from all over the country to occupy the Capital of Ottawa in protest of the vaccine mandate.

British Columbia exports approximately 95% of Canada's blueberries.

The Machination Times was able to contact Mothman on his cellphone. He expressed his frustration with both the truckers and the Canadian government.

“It would be really nice if both sides could get their crap together and figure out how to handle this. It is evident that neither side is going to backdown. The truckers are mostly rough and tumble manly men. While there is power behind the government. Either way, I am getting shafted in this.”

When we asked Mothman how he is getting “shafted” he said this:

“I am not getting my organic Canadian blueberries! They help protect me from free radicals with an abundance of antioxidants. I enjoy them in my morning oatmeal, especially this time of the year when it is cold every morning. So, they need to find a solution.”

Mothman was asked why blueberries from any other country was not good enough. He said that the Canadian item reminds him of the days when he and his grandad would fly up to Canada in the summer to harvest them and bring them back to make blueberry jam.

At this point, both parties are not budging.

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