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Mothman Uses Wings for Rescue

Big Sky, MT - Mothman sprang into action and saved multiple people after an avalanche occurred at the Big Sky Ski Resort.

Hundreds of people were enjoying a beautiful day of skiing and snowboarding when a large portion of snow broke free, causing an avalanche.

Mothman happen to be at the resort and saw the incident occur. The Machination Times heard about the incident. We were able to catch up with him and ask about it.

“Now, guys, you know I don’t like to talk about incidents like this, but you are honest and report just the facts, so I know you won’t embellish this.”

Mothman continued.

“I was taking a break from snowboarding and sipping on some of Marge’s homemade hot chocolate when I saw some odd movements out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw a large, packed piece of snow release then start sliding down the mountain. I tried to warn everyone. Most people saw me, but others did not and got buried.”

Eight people were buried.

“I made mental notes where people were buried and went to the closest person first. I used my wings to begin moving snow. It only took 3-4 scoops on each one so it didn’t take long. I get irritated with them occasionally for various reason – hot in the summer, hard to wash, tough to sleep sometimes, etc. – but they can serve noble purposes from time-to-time.”

We were able to speak with the rescue crew supervisor that day about Mothman’s actions.

“He is a hero. No doubt about it. While my guys are stationed along the slopes for incidents like this, we always appreciate the help, especially from someone with large wings that can be used as massive shovels.”

Mothman stated that he is not a hero, but only a “Moth of The People.”

No one was seriously injured.

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