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NCAA Tournament Hosts Bigfoot Mascot for The First Time

Minneapolis, MN - For the first time, the NCAA basketball tournament has a Bigfoot mascot after many controversial years of debate and pushback.

The decision to allow the University of Dense Woods and Sightings, established in 1811, was finally allowed to be entered into annual tournament by the NCAA basketball committee. The decision was made in the name of inclusivity and equity, ending a long time of bias and intolerance against Bigfoot.

The Machination Times spoke to the president of the university – Bigfoot.

“Our entrance into The Big Dance has been a long time coming. This prestigious university has been denied for far too long. We have been treated unfairly, rudely, unjustly and cruelly as if Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Just because Bigfoot is nimble and elusive doesn’t mean I should be treated like I don’t exist. I’m a creature with feelings and aspirations too. Anyway, we are going to dominate each round and other mascots like no one has ever seen. We are competitors to the core.”

The NCAA president was available for comment.

“Our organization believed that it was time to make some changes,” said President Mark Emmert. For far too long, Bigfoot and his university have been ostracized. We hope that this makes him feel comfortable and want to come out into the public a little bit more – feeling accepted by the non-believers is powerful.”

While the university and Bigfoot are pleased with the decision, they say there is still a lot of work to be done to overcome naysayers who do not think they should be allowed.

Bigfoot told us that he is working on adding other sports to the university since the ruling.

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