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New Biden Administration Rule Causes Metamucil and Beano Panic Buy

Washington, DC - On Saturday, the Biden Administration passed rules that aim to cut methane gas emissions, targeting US oil and gas industry and advance his stance on climate change.

This publication has learned that President Biden’s political opponents, who typically do not believe that climate change is a threat, have begun to take unusual steps to combat Biden’s new environmental rule.

Conservatives have taken a hardline stance and begun buying Metamucil at enormous quantities and the anti-flatulence medication Beano as well.

We spoke with Speaker of The House Republican Mike Johnson, who is leading the charge.

“I call upon all my friends on the right side of the aisle to go out to your local stores, wherever Metamucil and Beano is sold and buy it. Buy all of it. I’ve spoken with conservative pundits, commentators and politicians. This is the only way to fight back. We must fart constantly. It is up to us as Americans and humans to fart for the environment. If we don’t, the trees, bushes and grass will die. No government rule will take away our freedom to speak with our butt if we want to.”

We spoke with Democrat Eric Swalwell who was caught farting during an interview in the Capitol.

“I’m a huge believer in man-made climate change, and yeah I did fart one time on television but if I didn’t who was it going to be. The only good thing to come of this extreme right-wing buy up is that Beano will be in short supply. I don’t believe in that stuff. After all, there’s more room out than in and no place is too sacred for a good ole orifice orchestra performance.”

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