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Newest Twitter Files Reveal Liver King Is a Vegan

Austin, TX - Social media influencer and health fanatic Brian Johnson, more famously known as Liver King, was recently outed as a steroid user. His Instagram character implied that if you followed his “9 Tenants”, ate liver, bone marrow, and bull testicles then you would be a ripped, muscular phenom like him. Just when we thought the nightmare was over for Liver King, a Twitter insider revealed that the next dump of Twitter Files will show Liver King is a vegan.

Last month, Liver King was outed as a prolific steroid user by YouTuber personality Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates, who received emails that Liver King sent to bodybuilders looking for the muscle enhancing substance. The video was not a shock, but what the Twitter Files has is.

An insider with Twitter reached out to The Machination Times to tell us about the upcoming release.

“This is more explosive than the steroid use. Yes, what the YouTuber revealed is massive, but also not surprising. But this is huge; no one saw what I am about say coming: The Liver King is a vegan. The same guy who says that he is eating liver, bone marrow, and all that stuff is eating fake organs created by a plant-based company that makes fake meat. Not only is Liver King a muscle building fraud but he’s also a meat-eating fake. That’s a whole lot of fake from one guy!”

The spokesperson stated that the company is so dedicated to getting people to stop eating meat they had no problem going along with the lie. Plus, the pay day from Liver King wasn't bad either.

We reached out to Liver King for a comment.

“The Twitter Files are as fake as my social media persona, 9 tenants, muscularity, meat eating and me being A PRIMAL! You should know that! Now, if you would excuse me, I must leave so I can make my yoga class.”

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