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Political Aide: Reasons for Legal Drug Sites Are Worse Than Imagined

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Seattle, WA - The legalization of marijuana was not supposed to be more than just marijuana. However, this has led to sites in Canada, Washington State and Oregon where the use of harder drugs such as heroine and meth can be used with no worry of arrest. These seem like facilities where those addicted substances can go and safely consume drugs through their medium of choice. But The Machination Times has learned there is something much more nefarious occurring, primarily with politicians who promote these locations – and even those who don’t openly.

We were able to speak to a political aide of a long time, career politician, but she wished to remain unnamed. All we could ascertain is that the politician is from Washington State.

“I really shouldn’t tell you about this, but in the name of morality I have to. These allegedly safe drug use sites are not safe at all. Politicians know that drug users don’t vote from them, so what good are they? None. Both sides of the aisle only care about who can get them into power and homeless drug addicts cannot do that. So, that being said, the point of these is to promote more drug usage in the name of compassion and killing them. It is basically the movie Soylent Green at the end when you find out where all the elderly people are going.”

From our investigation, it seems that sly politicians are using excellent messaging campaigns to convince voters to support and encourage these locations.

We were told by another anonymous aide that the politician he works for says homeless people are “yucky.”

Yes, both side of the political aisle play enemies in public, but behind closed doors make deals, sip bourbon and smoke the finest cigars all for their own pleasure.

This is one of the most disturbing investigations we have ever conducted. Yes, the government is corrupt and only looking out for themselves, but this is highly disturbing and it must be exposed.

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