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Prepper Builds Underground Dance Club.

Some believe that an apocalypse fallout is coming, while others do not. However, one man ensures that if the end of society and civilization does occur, he and a few others will not be bored.

The Machination Times caught up with James Beardson who recently built an underground dance club in his fallout shelter, complete with a dance floor, disco ball, DJ stand, state-of-the-art sound system. drinking bar and other accoutrements.

Our investigative reporter was able to find James while he was working on his newly acquired Eton Elite 750 shortwave radio at his residence to ask him about the underground dance club.

“Yeah, man, it’s true. I created this club for the fallout. I’ve named it The Underground Groove Yard. Some people dread the apocalypse, but I think that is flawed thinking. If the world around us is melting down, then why not dance the night away in the words of the famous Eddie Van Halen?”

James was asked what made him think about building The Underground Groove Yard.

“I have always tried to be a prepper that gives back to other people, helping out those who want to get into the lifestyle. I like to think about myself as a ‘Prepper of The People’ so to speak. There is no need to hunker down and wait for the initial rush of chaos and disorder to pass by when we can just pop, lock and drop.”

There is no way of knowing if preppers will be vindicated with a societal collapse that will send the world as we know it into a primitive way of life. However, The Machination Times did confirm that if anyone is fortunate enough to make it to James’ dance club, they will not be disappointed.

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