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Prepper Caught Selling Fake Prepping Food

Valentine, Nebraska - A local Nebraska man was caught by authorities after selling food he claimed was freeze dried and would last for approximately twenty-five years if stored properly.

Freddy Hardesty, a local prepper, was arrested on Saturday after months of investigation into what some were claiming was a scam when they received plastic food in their shipments.

The Machination Times caught up with a victim, but he wished to remain anonymous due to the government possibly reading this article and tracking them.

"So, I am an ardent prepper. I encourage everyone except those who have screwed me over, love big government, enjoy not being paranoid and basically anything I don't stand for to prep for disaster. I found this website where they sold long term food storage products for societal breakdown or martial law. The pictures looked legitimate - the cheese on the pizzas looked amazing, the vegetables and fruits looked fresh and the meat tasty. Instead of getting my food, I got cake with fondant icing instead, not freeze-dried goods. I'm glad I opened one of the cans!"

We asked our paranoid interviewee why he called the cops if he doesn't trust government.

"Well, I didn't like it, but after paying taxes all these years it was time to use them. After all, I am out over $4,000."

The Machination Times was able to speak to the lead investigator in the case from the sheriff's office.

"It wasn't hard to figure out. The perpetrator had his return address that came back to his wife's local five-star bakery that won multiple awards the last few years. These people make it too easy sometimes."

Hardesty was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and is currently awaiting a bail hearing.

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