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Prepper Creates Bug Out Bags for Any Situation

Scobey, MT - A Montana prepper has dipped his Georgia brand boots into the world of sales.

The Machination Times learned that Harold Jennings, a well-known preparedness expert in the area, has taken his bug out bag knowledge to another level.

We were able to obtain an interview with Jennings who likes to think of himself as a prepper entrepreneur extraordinaire.

“So, I’ve been prepping for decades; looking for deals, storing and saving. During that time, I’ve learned how to build a heck of a bug out bag. I can bug with the best of ‘em.“

Intrigued we asked him what type of bags he’s created other than prepper related gear.

“Well, believe it or not, I received an order from a mom. She wanted a bag for her daughter; I’ve know nothing about Cover Girl make up! Also, had a guy who needed a bag for chef school. The strangest order I’ve received was for a guy going to Los Angeles. He said the bag was needed because he was going there to be homeless. The bag was basically empty.“

Often, there are orders when he knows nothing about the items he’s putting in the bag.

“I really only know about prepping for survival, not face make up or homelessness or fighting the government in Portland or Seattle. Like I say, it’s better to be prepared for something you know nothing about than not being prepared at all.”

We were able and to make contact with a recent customer who wasn’t pleased.

“I’m sure his traditional prepping bags are great because that’s what he does, but I asked him to make me a bag for sheering alpacas. It was terrible!”

When we asked the unnamed customer why they expected a prepper to know about sheering an alpaca, she cursed and hung up.

Jennings said he refuses to let the naysayers discourage him.

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