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Prepper Fanny Pack Comes to Market

Logan, Utah - An emergency preparedness company known for its long-term food storage products has created a retro, yet new item.

Emergency Experts and Survival CEO Jason Billings said that while his company sells primarily food there are some survival items that they sell such as backpacks, canteens, camouflage clothing and water filtration devices. However, he said it’s time to get with the times.

“I see with the way things are going; and those who are prepared will be set up will be just fine. But even when the entire system crashes, we don’t want fashion to change. This is what I’ve noticed: The Fanny Pack has made a comeback! And I am stoked! It arrived in the 80’s then broke our heart by going out of vogue.”

We asked what makes his survival Fanny Pack different than the standard.

“This Fanny Pack comes with much more than pouches and pockets. It come with surviving in style. Our packs will have deeper pockets, better colors, extra straps, but here’s what makes it the best - an outer label that says “not a survival Fanny Pack.” I mean, how smart is that?! No one will suspect it! And the owner will survive any type of apocalypse."

We asked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson what he thought about the new Fanny Pack.

“Well, it’s not bad. Not sure what they are cooking with it but I’m sure it will be a high-quality piece of equipment for those who are itching for a societal collapse. I can respect a good Fanny Pack with advancements in the technology."

It is unsure how many preppers are concerned about fashion and what a Fanny Pack would bring to their ability to survive a meltdown.

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