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Prepper Has Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Forcefully Inserted in His Brain

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Warroad, MN – A Minnesota prepper claims that he was kidnapped as part of a government experiment for brain control and a chip was implanted in his cerebellum.

52-year-old Christopher Mangum, a local resident and prepper of the small Minnesota town, says that while he was leaving Doug’s Supermarket the event occurred.

“I was leaving the grocery store that evening and all of the sudden a black van pulled up. You know, like the one that we always hear about. I just bought some canned goods for my cabinets and some fresh vegetables for the root cellar. All of the sudden the van pulls up. I didn’t hear it coming. I am pretty sure it was one of those electric vehicles. Three or four guys jumped out and rushed me, grabbing me and throwing me in the van. I was scared and confused. They took me behind the store and held me down while another took a syringe or something and jammed it into the base of my skull. It had to be a chip from that Elon Musk guy.

We asked why it would be a chip, specifically from Elon Musk.

“Well, it is all over the news that Musk was putting these chips into monkey brains in labs. It always starts with rats or monkeys then migrates over to humans. And why wouldn’t they want me? I am a specimen, a unit as they say! I am primetime for government experiments. Warroad, Minnesota is a small town on the Canadian border. Why else would they come up here? Plus, an electric van was used. That has Musk and the government written all over it.”

When we asked Mangum what he thinks he will do, his response was intense.

“I am in the process of creating a small-time atom bomb that will fry the circuits and make this brain chip toast.”

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