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Prepper’s Community State of the Union

Austin, TX - Last week, the leader of the Prepping World, President Steve Miller, of the Woodland Party, gave his annual address. He spoke of the barter economy, the apocalypse, emergency food rations and many other topics that survivalists believe are important in a post societal collapse world.

We spoke to the opponent Minority Leader of the Urban party, Leader Phil Griggs.

“I try to be respectful, but it’s just hard sometimes,” said Griggs. “President Miller is living in the past with his prepping policies. He acts as if the urban areas don’t exist and don’t need to be prepared for the upcoming apocalypse. It’s all about going into the woods and building a fort or something. Meanwhile, he can't even keep his son in check.”

Prepping was a national pastime until the Industrialization Era. Citizens forgot what it is like to live a life of uneasiness and not knowing when your next meal will arrive.

President Miller stated in an exclusive interview people have become too comfortable with the ease of life.

“I represent all survivalists - woodland and urban. But we have to remember when the government decides to run a covert coup on the prepping world, the woods are our friends. I have the right cabinet in place to be ready. I didn’t appoint them for any other reason other than their ability to prepare for disaster.”

When asked about a recent scandal that involves Miller and his son who lives a life of government reliance in Los Angeles, Miller went off on a tirade about how his opponent pushes fake prepper news on a “trifling” website.

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