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Prepper Starts Prepping Addiction Recovery Center

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Sorum, SD - A South Dakota man created a school where preppers can attend and get relief from a lifestyle of too much prepping; similar to alcoholics or narcotics anonymous.

Long time prepper, Jay Brocious, 57, decided he wanted to make a difference for others, leading him to start his business known as “Preppers Anonymous” or “PA” for short.

“I’ve always wanted to help others in a different way besides prepping,” said Jay. “It’s kind of a two-fold business. I only need one tax ID number which is convenient. I don’t want to give away too much of my business plan, but I’ve copied what the government and large food companies do. I created a product, made it addictive then offer a cure. By doing this, I get paid twice. And it really affordable to recover with the price point of $2,995.”

We asked Jay to expound further. At first, he refused, but eventually relented.

“Okay, so, this is how it works. I get people in town scared of the apocalypse and convinced them of what they need to survive. They come to meetings, target practice and other events which makes them more paranoid, buying more stuff from my website. Once they are at their breaking point, I offer them help from ‘Prepper Anonymous.’ Just like that I’m paid twice. It is a 12-step program like the other addiction organizations.”

We spoke to a recent graduate of Jay’s school.

“He’s an amazing counselor,” said Margaret Hiles. “Jay got me and my husband, Dalton, into prepping to have peace of mind. When it became too much, he was there for us as well. We were so addicted but now we are free. He’s such a sweetheart for getting us addicted then providing healing.”

Brocious said that he plans to increase the number of recovery sessions, which last six weeks, from three a year to five a year; as well as getting more addicted to prepping.

Before leaving, Brocious asked if we were ready for a natural disaster, pandemic or electromagnetic pulse and handed us a brochure called "So You've Decided to Prep."

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