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Prepper to Openly Convert Suburban Residents

Lipps, VA – A Doomsday prepper is beginning to spread his survivalist wings to the suburban community after shoring up post-apocalypse America in the western portion of Virginia.

Benny Dobbs, a local prepper and construction foreman, has primarily operated as a survivalist in desolate woods away from anyone who is not preparing for a societal meltdown. Now, he is reaching out to the suburbs for area saturation and potential recruiting opportunities.

“Well, I have recruited and secured many families, pulling them into our group in rural areas. We are all very open about our prepping lifestyle. One thing I have noticed, though, is the quietness of those prepping in suburbia. They almost seem ashamed of what they are doing. There is no one in subdivisions loudly declaring their prepping status. Therefore, I have bought multiple plots of acreage and plan to build a subdivision for preppers to buy a house and live their prepping truth out loud with an old school wood log wall surrounding the property – there will be no shame.”

The Machination Times spoke with future neighbor, Annie Sullivan, who lives in the development across the street from where Dobbs bought over 10 acres of land and plans to begin construction after the New Year.

“I heard in the zoning hearing that this guy is building a wall around the subdivision because he is a prepper or something. That will be so unsightly. I didn’t move to a neighborhood with a HOA to look at that every time I leave the neighborhood.”

When asked if she would move in the subdivision should there be an opportunity, Sullivan said,” Well probably. These HOA rules are basically communist.”

Dobbs did state that he believed this opportunity could potentially convert more preppers and grow the community.

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I want to come live in the prepper community please?

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