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President Biden Caught Sniffing Donald Trump’s Hair

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Bedminster, NJ - President Joe Biden was recently caught sniffing the hair of former President Donald Trump at his famous golf course in New Jersey.

The Machination Times has learned of a bizarre interaction between the current and former president not ever before seen or heard about.

Trump, who spends a large amount of time at his golf course, recently was in the locker room getting situated after playing a round.

“I can’t blame him. I have the best hair. It looks the best, feels the best and smells the best. Look at it - soft, flowing, smells of an old school barber shop. Name of the shampoo brand is Man Breeze, scent is “Shave and a Cut.” They exclusively made it for the Donald but they have plenty of air fresheners for your car or truck. Look at Joe’s hair. I doubt it’s even his. Looks plugged in. Very much fake, like the fake news that loves him.”

We were able to make contact with Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean Pierre.

“The president remains very committed to keeping his nose to himself. He doesn’t believe anyone should be going around indiscriminately sniffing others hair, he believes in hair equality. That’s something very personal to the president and it would be rude not to ask for consent prior to sniffing.”

During a quick interview after exiting Marine One, Biden became visibly frustrated when asked about the incident.

“Did I sniff his hair? Of course I did! What do you expect me to do. Put me around a head and I’m taking a whiff. And Trump’s new shampoo is amazing. Gotta get me some of those Man Breeze air fresheners since they won’t make shampoo for me. I’m the president! Come on, man!”

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