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Report: Bigfoot Finances Elon Musk to Close Twitter Deal

Elon Musk sought additional financing to close his Twitter deal. He found it in an unlikely place and from an unlikely individual.

In the last couple of weeks, Musk has offered to by Twitter outright. As the world’s richest man, many believed that he was going to use his own money to make the move. However, as Musk often does, he threw a curveball.

The Machination Times learned that Musk reached out to Bigfoot in hopes to secure funds to help purchase the social media giant.

“I like Elon and I like his ideas. As you know, I am a bit of a capitalist at times, not trying to get political, but there are instances where I recognize the need to lend out money. However, this is one time when I am lending with less than one percent interest. I see how Elon is talked about in a negative light by media pundits and people on Twitter who have no idea who this guy really is. I felt that I needed to step up and help however possible. Like they say – times are a changing.”

We were able to speak to Musk’s public communications director.

“Elon was elated when Bigfoot called him. The two became really good friends when Bigfoot learned about the electric vehicle production that Elon developed. As a beast that lives in the woods, he appreciates electric vehicles, but he also recognizes that capitalism is what made Tesla get started and keeps the company running.”

We reached out to Twitter to get comment from them. However, we were rudely told that we are not real journalists like those at CNN or MSNBC.

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