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Russia Sends Ladybugs for Biological Warfare

Travelers Rest, SC - The last couple of years brought a pandemic we have not seen in modern times. However, another war seems to be percolating according to a lady from South Carolina who we will call "Granny."

The Machination Times received a tip about a potential invasion of Russian ladybugs. While seemingly innocuous, these insects are anything but that.

“I was cooking one day in the kitchen for my husband of over 50 years and saw a ladybug sitting on the counter. At first, I didn’t think anything about it since we are almost in spring time, but I started noticing them more and more as the days went by.”

Granny, who remembers the Cold War with Russia very well, believes this is another attack on America continued on.

“Like I said, at first no big deal then more ladybugs started showing up. I started seeing dozens then they started flying around my head and hitting me like kamikaze pilots. They were giving their life up for Moscow as I fought back. I don’t know how much I can handle though. I’m in my 70’s; they are wearing me down daily. Russia’s involvement is the only thing that makes sense. Look at how they are acting over in Ukraine! This is a soft attack now, but who knows what the future holds.”

We were able to make contact with a source in Moscow about potential ladybug invasions on the United States.

“It is true. We have been training ladybugs in a lab to attack smaller towns in the United States, specifically the elderly first then spreading to larger cities and younger individuals. I’ll tell you that, but we won’t reveal the lethality of these maniacs. They are highly trainable, fierce and effective. You should see them when they are hammered on Stolichnaya Vodka. Wow!”

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