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Second Area 51 Nevada Man Raided by Feds

Duckwater, NV – Another Nevada man says that he was raided by the United States Government and military special investigations divisions.

It was reported recently that Nevada resident Joerg Arnu’s homes in the cities of Las Vegas and Rachel were raided by the FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations due to his investigations into the infamous military installment known as Area 51. Arnu had his electronics seized and search warrants were presumably executed on them.

Now, it seems that the government is beginning to target individuals who refuse to take the word of State talking heads at face value, claiming that nothing nefarious is happening in Area 51.

Duckwater, Nevada, resident Joel Elmquist recently had his backyard shed targeted in a federal government search warrant conducted by the FBI, Air Force Criminal Investigation Division and the Department of Intelligence.

“I don’t know what they are looking for. I know my shed looks suspicious with all the antenna, wires, tin foil, and metal sheeting to reflect government spying devices. Yeah, it looks odd but in reality all of that is normal. What is really odd are those government yes boys. They come after me just for wanting the truth. The government is hiding a lot of information at Area 51 and we deserve to know as residents.”

We spoke with the lead supervising agent, Andrew Stallings, over this case.

“I can’t tell you too much, but we were led to this address due to a large amount of tin foil that was bought across the country. We were alerted by Amazon that thousands of pounds were delivered to Mr. Elmquist and we are familiar with his short-wave radio commentaries, which are thought provoking to say the least.”

Stallings would not tell us anymore about the case.

Elmquist told us he was thankful that we reached out to him about this incident. He advised us that he needed to go back to working on his tin foil wallpaper before his wife finished making dinner.

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