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Spielberg Regrets Making Movie "Jaws." Bigfoot Says Stop Whining

Creede, CO - The famous thriller “Jaws” debuted in 1975, quickly grossing millions of dollars and continuing to do so for the following decades. Recently, filmmaker Steven Spielberg gave an interview to BBC radio where he says that he regrets making the film due to shark hunters. However, Bigfoot is a bit perturbed that sharks are getting pitied, but he is not.

The Machination Times was able to catch up with the hairy beast at his winter home in Southern Colorado to ask him about Spielberg’s comments.

“What is he talking about? Sharks? He feels bad because sharks have been targeted after the movie? This is nonsense. There are a lot less people in boats chasing down sharks than people and shows bringing crews into the woods and trying to shove cameras in my face. This guy is absurd. After the Patterson Gimlin film went popular, the media hasn’t stopped, and I've had no peace. I'm more at danger of extinction than sharks."

Bigfoot’s aggravation may have some weight. In our research, we have found that there are over 250 shows and movies combined about Bigfoot.

“All of the shows and movies are hot garbage. They never portray any truth about me. It is all about views, clickbait and conspiracies about my existence or not – extremely maddening.”

Many critics say there is no Bigfoot and that he is simply a myth. Others believe that he is a governmentally made animal who was created to spy on nefarious, anti-governmental doings in the woods, although we have never found proof of that.

We reached out to Spielberg for comment; however, he chose not to respond.

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