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Survivalist Conducts Poll: Is Prepping Worth The Time?

Marietta, SC – Recently, Elon Musk conducted a poll on his new acquired social media platform Twitter, asking if he should remain CEO. A South Carolina man decided to see whether prepping was worth the time and money after multiple decades of saving for the apocalypse.

Terry Haynes, a prepper for the last 34 years, and the president of Marietta Minutemen, told The Machination Times that he was unsure if the last three decades was worth the time and money.

“I have spent a lot of emotional equity, money and time preparing for the end days. After all this work, and society not imploding on itself, I am just starting to wonder what all of this was for. I am now buying a second round of 25-year shelf-life food, my ammo is starting to go bad, and the wood used for fortifying around my house is starting to rot. I am getting too old to start over. Look at my empire! I built all of this for the meltdown, but nothing has happened. I really wanted to see a good nuclear bomb, government breakdown, societal downfall – you know, the good stuff.”

Haynes stated that while his poll is not scientific, he asked the respondents the following question: Is prepping worth it?

He found more doubt than expected. According to the information gathered from a 1502-person sample of all preppers, approximately 54 percent said being prepared is a must and 46 percent said it is not.

“I am just not sure if all of this is worth it. The government is dug in like a tick on a hound dog’s butt cheek and the closest we have come to a good, old fashion implosion is the here and there government shutdown. How I pray we have a permanent one, not a three-to-four-week vacay for government bureaucrats. This just isn’t a good time in my preparedness career.”

Haynes told us that he is possibly stepping down as president of the Marietta Minutemen sometime in January but has not fully committed to the idea.

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