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Survivalist Posts to YouTube After Apocalypse Already Occurred. Had No Idea.

Pumpkintown, SC – A South Carolina man known for his YouTube channel and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers has been posting videos about the society ending after the fallout already occurred.

Daniel Kass, a prolific prepper, who has a massive online following and posts videos almost every day, was taken aback when he was contacted about the end of society as we know it.

“I had no idea the meltdown occurred. No one told me a thing. I have been posting for months and no one said anything to me in the comments or direct messages. You would think someone would have the common courtesy to tell me all my labors were not in vain, and my prepping Super Bowl had kicked off. It’s really frustrating when I take the time to make all of these videos, edit them and post. I mean the paycheck from ads and sponsors has been really good, but someone could drop a line or something.”

A follower, Victor Yancy, agreed to speak to us.

“I’ve been following Kass for years, when he only had around 500 followers. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Had military experience, or so he said, knew the products and methods he promoted. The videos didn’t seem lacking or anything. Others vouched for the information. It all seemed legit. Buy how does a guy who claims to be a prepper, not know when the apocalypse dropped on society? I don’t know. Seems like a bit of a sham now. Very frustrating and upsetting.”

As we searched Kass’ video titled “The World Ended and I Had No Idea” months after it was placed on the channel post-apocalyptic, there were multiple comments that compared him to the prepping version of the Liver King.

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