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Tom from My Space Is Running A Coup On Facebook’s Zuckerberg

Silicon Valley, US - Tom from My Space has decided he’s had enough of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Machination Times learned that the original social media founder, Tom of My Space, has grown weary of no longer being relevant, so we were able to track him down at a coffee shop to ask him about it.

”I started this whole thing! Social media wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me. Silicon Valley is my town! And curses to anyone who thinks otherwise. Zuckerberg would be a nobody if it wasn‘t for me and My Space.”

We asked Tom what he planned on doing about this plight. At first, he was hesitant but decided to talk anyway.

“Well, I’m infiltrating Facebook or Meta or whatever name it is this week. I just applied to be a janitor in the office. No one suspects the janitor of anything, unless you’re playing the game Clue or hiding really good snacks in your desk that keep disappearing. I don’t want to reveal anymore of my plans to a news publication but I am going to topple Zuck.”

He continued.

“I trained Zuckerberg on how to be a social media mogul and he gives me no credit. He’ll even go in front of Congress from time-to-time and never mentions a word about me, but sometimes that is a good thing. Regardless, everyone has forgotten about the original gangster.”

We reached out to the Meta Public Relations Department for comment and received this:

“Tom is a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. He was always paranoid about My Space. Yes, Mark trained under him for about a week, but that was all he could take. Tom was always worried that his snacks were being stolen by the custodians.”

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