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UFO Company Creates Electric Flying Saucer; Elon Musk Looks to Buy.

Fresh off his 44-billion-dollar purchase of the social media giant Twitter, Elon Musk has set his eyes on another company.

Alien owned electric flying saucer company, United Flying Outsiders (U.F.O), has been approached by Musk for an outright purchase of the company. The terms of the potential acquisition are not known at this time, but according to inside sources from U.F.O. talks have been in motion for approximately two months.

Before electric flying saucers, the ships ran on helium as it is one of the most prominent natural resources in the galaxy. However, fears from alien environmentalists are that helium will soon be depleted and stars will no longer have one of the gases they need to shine, while hydrogen is the other gas needed for stars, making them extinct.

C.E.O. of U.F.O., Scaktex Ukans, provided a statement on the potential acquirement.

“At first, I was not sure if this was something that I wanted to do. I’ve worked really hard to get this company off of the moon rock – not to mention getting these ships running on electricity instead of helium. However, I’ve spent more time on this development than with my family and I think it is time to start taking my family on trips to earth for some sight-seeing, wink-wink.”

Orin Brel, an employee of Green Galaxy, an environmental non-profit, said that he is thrilled with the development of electric flying saucers.

“Electric ships are a huge development. We’ve been saying for decades that we will not be able to live in space much longer because there will be a helium gas shortage and we will all die. We predicted space extermination back in the 1950’s but things just didn’t pan out; but now, we are saved because of Mr. Ukans! I don’t care who owns the company, as long as there is more reliance on electric flying saucers.”

There are more discussions ahead according to Musk’s and Ukan’s spokesperson, but both are positive on a completed deal by the end of the year.

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