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UFO Shot Down While Carrying Prepper Supplies

Kalispell, MT - A Montana prepper had his supply shot down from the sky by a military fighter jet this past Saturday.

The survivalist, James Simmons, stated that he saw the entire event happening as he was in his yard watching the decent of a large supply delivering balloon.

“My supply was smoke checked by the F-22 fighter jet,” Simmons stated in an exclusive interview. “I had a month supply of rations to put away and BOOM, just like that it’s vaporized. All because the government is shooting things down left and right after the Chinese spy balloon.”

We spoke with Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

“The White House is intent on national security and after last week, there’s no more playing around. Any UFO is getting blown up. I know you talked to a pissed off prepper because we tomahawked his supplies. We got a laugh out of that one. It was better than shooting down that Chinese spy balloon.”

Kirby went on to state that the fewer UFOs that exist and less preppers who hoard up food the better government will be.

“Besides, we got punked so bad by the Chinese last week,” Kirby went on to say. “The government has to redeem itself, so we are shooting down everything we can.”

Since the Chinese spy balloon drifted across the entire United States, there has been an influx of UFOs seen in the skies. The State Department and White House deny putting any aircraft in the sky for target practice.


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