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Vending Machines for Dooms Day Preppers

A New Mexico prepper has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship and started a company that places vending machines in businesses with items preppers love to buy.

James Wilhaun, 43, of Cimmaron, New Mexico, an avid prepper of over twenty years says that he saw a need in the market and felt it needed to be filled.

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“There are thousands of people who want to prep but don’t now how to start or where to start. Some things are really expensive so I have bought some vending machines and talked to some businesses about renting space to display them. I’m putting all kinds of things in there! MREs, gas masks, rope, knives, smoke grenades, small shovels, ammo, boots, biohazard suits, and all the things.”

When asked why he believes there is a need for ammunition and smoke grenades in a vending machine, Wilhaun said he believes that the state of the economy and the country is in peril and that all need to be prepared for the fallout that is looming.

“Do you watch the news? The world is starting to melt down and the fallout is just beyond the horizon. There are people in charge that want a one-world government. No more sovereignty; no more individualism; no more of your own property; no more of your own food, underwear, socks or anything! In fact, now that I think about it, I am adding underwear to the vending machine options. Only commies want individuals wearing dirty, mud streaked underwear from a spicy night that ended at Taco Bell.”

Wilhaun said the name of his vending machine is “Box of Doom.”

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