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West Palm Beach Residents Are Angry About New Ordinance

West Palm Beach, FL – In an unprecedented move West Palm Beach City Council passed an ordinance that bans all residents over the age of 65 from wearing belts and shoes that match.

City Council on Monday had a reading in a session that passed 7-0 to ban certain residents from wearing white shoes with matching white belts. The residents were not happy about the final passing.

“This is an outrage,” said Harvey Simpson a 78-year-old West Palm Beach resident. “I moved here over twenty years ago and have been wearing my matching belt and shoes while cruising on my golf cart to the bingo hall, operating my metal detector on the beach, and looking for ladies since I arrived. The government can’t dictate what I wear. Their reasoning doesn’t even make sense.”

One City Council member spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“We have to control what they wear. It is evident that their matching articles of clothing were turning into a uniform. If the residents are allowed to unify their clothing, their thinking will become the same as well; then you know what happens? A revolt.”

Marge Thompkins, a newly arrived resident, is incensed.

“I didn’t move down here to be told what to wear! My husband was excited about the uniformity in shoes and belts. He was a trench coat salesman for over 40 years. The coat always covered his belt so he could not show off his fashion sense.”

City Council denies that the ordinance is about control, but more about “concentrated solidarity with local government.” When asked exactly what that meant, we were told “conformity is unity and individuality is aggression.”

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