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Yeti Heading To Putin For Ukraine-Russia Talks

Within the last couple of days Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered movement of military forces into the Russian-supported separatist regions of Ukraine. While the world tries to negotiate with Putin over the occupation, Yeti is attempting a different approach.

The Machination Times noticed a social media post that caught our attention. While it was ambiguous, we are familiar with Yeti and his feelings on certain topics.

Yeti posted a tweet that said: “It's time to get the steed and head to the Krem.”

Since we reported on Yeti after he was seen leaving the Kremlin last week, we found it prudent to report on the Twitter tweet as well.

We caught Yeti prepping his horse, Sikkim, in the stable before heading out to ask him about the tweet.

“Guys, you know me and you know my thoughts/feelings on certain topics. I think peace is best for the world. That is why I try to stay in the northern regions, primarily the Ural Mountains of Serbia. If I am seen too much, it is a distraction for some reason; I don't know what the fuss is, but anyway that is another topic for another time.”

He continued.

"Like I said, peace. We need to keep it. Vlad and I go way back. We used to ride horses and camp recreationally with mutual friends. He’s certainly an alpha male, but I’ve always had a good relationship with him. Before you ask, I am not going to say what I plan on mentioning. That is between him and me.”

Yeti did not have anything to say.

There is no telling how the Russia-Ukraine situation will pan out; there are too many variables and too much ego involved.

Nevertheless, we will make sure to report if there are any other developments.

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