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Zombie Gives Remarks on The Walking Dead

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The long-awaited finale of the series The Walking Dead has come and gone. The hit television show lasted for 11 seasons, making fans of many. In a search of a word from the other side, we spoke to a zombie that has direct inside knowledge to the zombie community about the show’s ending, as well as the plot line.

Speaking to the unnamed source while under the cover of darkness in an old hospital, our source gave us an insight never previously heard before.

“For the majority, we hated the show. It was largely inaccurate and made a mockery of our community. We aren’t always looking for the living to devour. If so, you wouldn’t be able to take this interview. We want our voices heard. It is like when a cop watches a show about police work that is made in Hollywood; the actors and producers usually do a bad job portraying the career. Plus, that plotline took away our main role and transitioned to more of a survival against other prepper groups and zombies fell into the background. They used us to get an audience then dropped us like a crazy ex. It was a sham.”

The Walking Dead was a favorite for many years with characters viewers loved and loved to hate. There was suspense, satisfaction, sorrow and gut-wrenching scene of beloved characters dying at the hands of zombies and villains.

Our interviewee also discussed the ending.

“I mean, yeah, we watched the show from beginning to end. It was like seeing an approaching trainwreck. We couldn’t look away as much as we got irritated. But the finale was terrible. It perfectly summarized how much we hated the show – slow, boring, not entertaining. It was clearly thrown together quickly.”

There have been talks of The Walking Dead filming a spin off with Rick Grimes and his love Michone. Our zombie had no comment on this. He quickly stood up and stormed off mumbling something about ignorance and disrespect.

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