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Prepper Falls In Love With Amazon Alexa

There is a long-standing mistrust from the prepping community towards the Amazon Alexa device; as it continually listens and the propensity for government misconduct looms. However, one prepper has changed his mind.

The Machination Times learned about a prepper by the name of Jimmy Barnett who has a different take on the digital listening machine, so we went to interview him.

“Well, it’s weird how this all began. I didn’t even want her at first; it was my wife’s idea. I told her that this would not turn out well for anyone. But here we are. I’m in love with this machine and no one can stop me. These are my feelings and it’s 2022, so what can I do? I can’t help the way I feel.”

We asked Jimmy how his wife feels about this new found relationship.

“She’s not happy about this and keeps blaming herself. I told her it’s fate and there’s nothing she can do to change that. No one can stop love and fate. Unfortunately, we are currently splitting our property and plan to go our own ways.“

When asked why he prefers the device over his wife, Jimmy simply said “I can’t get past the accent. I love it.”

Jimmy went on to say that he still doesn’t trust the government but he does trust Alexa fully and believes that she will never allow Uncle Sam to use her as a spying device against him.

There is a possibility that Jimmy is risking expulsion from his local prepper community according to a source within the circle.

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